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Bonnie Nadine Newman - Kjell Karlsson music

It is a great honor
for me to work with Bonnie Nadine Newman from the USA and El Paso. Bonnie is professional both when it comes to write texts and sing thanks Bonnie for all friendship.
is a site that contains a large amount of music that Bonnie Nadine Newman and I have created we have a cooperation over the Internet and email. We have never reached more than via mail. I compose music which I then sends to USA and Bonnie. She writes text and singing, then sends the file to me I do master mix. You are welcome to listen to the music.

From Tibro to El Paso

Hello to planet earth and all by Bonnie Nadine Newman El Paso USA
Hello to planet earth and all friendly or music-loving aliens from other planets! We welcome all who enjoy listening to graceful music, some tinged with melancholy, some tinged with silliness. We offer lovely and peaceful music that we hope will bring joy and uplift to your mind and soul.

Kjell Karlsson is an amazing
and talented composer in Tibro Sweden. He found me on line desperately looking for instrumentalists wanting to provide the orchestration for support of my vocals. From Tibro to El Paso, it's been an amazing link! I gave up playing instruments some years ago - which i viewed as a "have to." I continued on with vocals as a "want to."

The vast majority of songs
you will find on this portion of Kjell's site are originals we have created in collaboration, and most of them you will find - amazingly - are songs for which i wrote lyrics. I find I also prefer when possible to solicit aide of lyricists such as the fine and dynamic Angie Kuske of Kent (Chatham, England) and Edson Castro (Salvador, Brazil) as well as others who may have that yearning in their soul to put story to sound.

The very few works
that you will hear which are "covers," are quite old and will be well-known sounds to any listener. Chances are about 100% that if you've never heard this song before, it's registered with BMI as an original from us - or on other portions of the site and graciously hosted by Kjell - that of my voice with other composers.

I am simply the conduit
for all of that, and little else. I always hope the sound touches someone's heart in a way that is greatly needed. Enjoy the miracle of every day of your life and enhance it with beautiful sounds.

Oh - to my non-Swedish listeners
- I always feel it is so important to let everyone know who understands English - Kjell's name is pronounced "Shel" as in SHELdon or seaSHELL. That's so important to me, simply that the sound of his name flows easily in your mind and most importantly resides there.

in Swedish
Hej du har kommit till en site som innehåller en stor mängd musik som Bonnie och jag har skapat vi har ett samarbete över Internet och epost. Vi har aldrig träffats mer än via mail. Jag komponerar musik som jag sedan skickar till Bonnie. Hon skriver text och sjunger, skickar sedan åter filen till mig jag gör mastermix. Du är välkommen att lyssna på musiken. Jag har även låtar som Bonnie har gjort med andra över Internet.

All jam backing tracks that are uploaded to the site and its subdirectory is made by Kjell Karlsson from Sweden. Kjell Karlsson has the copyrights for all of the uploaded music. Visitors are allowed to freely stream the jam tracks, but they cannot download or steal the tracks. Bonnie Nadine Newman and Kjell Karlsson have all copyrights and are the owners of upload collaborate music.