Bonnie Nadine Newman Kjell Karlsson Musical Collaborations

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Bonnie Nadine Newman USA - Kjell Karlsson Sweden Musical Collaborations

Bonnie Nadine Newman El Paso Texas

Greetings from the desert southwest of the United States of America. Specifically, El Paso Texas. We are on the border of Mexico.
My name is Bonnie Nadine Newman. I am a friend of a tremendously talented man who lives in Tibro Sweden. His name is Kjell Karlsson.

Our friendship began because of music.
I am a vocalist. Yes, I have played various instruments in my life other than my vocal chords, but no instrument except my voice ever was directly linked to my soul. This is why I decided about five years ago to donate all of my instruments to charity and begin to only sing.

Finding Kjell was a most unique adventure. We had a common colleague, who is a lyricist in Brazil. The exact path by which Kjell and I found each other is lost to memory, but I can tell you it opened doors for both of us that I personally would never have dreamt of happening in reality.
In the beginning, I was uncertain of my lyricist skills, but knew my voice was perfect. You may be a perfect lyricist but not a vocalist. That’s okay, too. It’s all about collaboration.

I was never in my life a lyricist; only a musician who used other people’s lyrics. Yet, Kjell’s instrumental formulations struck an immediate chord with my heart, and it was love at first sound.

I was very soon writing many lyrics that together with my life experiences and his magical sounds made excellent songs.

I am not technical at all. I do not understand firstly how Kjell creates his instrumentals. To me, it is like hearing and then singing with a full orchestra behind me as I am in the spotlight on a grand stage.

Kjell does whatever magic he does to create the instrumental track. He does this in his studio at his home, using something called a DAW. The DAW records the instrumental sounds that Kjell directs it to, and then the choice is made of how that recording will be saved — typically in the format of MP3 or WAV.

Kjell then sends that instrumental track to me. I listen to a few notes or maybe to the entire track. Sometimes the words come immediately, but almost always by the end of that same day.

I then open up my own DAW. I import Kjell’s instrumental track to my DAW, pull my microphone close and begin to sing the words I have written to Kjell’s instrumental track.

Because I know nothing of how to mix and master the sounds, I then send the two tracks to Kjell for his wizardry. A marvelous thing is that we do this on our own time, not concerned what time it is in Tibro or in El Paso.

I rise at 4a, El Paso time. I go to bed at 10p El Paso time. There are 8 hours between us, so you can do the math. When i am rising, it is noon in Tibro. When i go to bed, it is 6a in Tibro.

When Kjell is inspired, he creates his music. I wake up very happy to find something magical in my inbox. I listen to it and then at some point of the day I sing with it, whatever words I have written.

I send this to him when he is sleeping, and the magic continues.

This method of musical collaboration works incredibly for those of us who are unable to find local partners that are serious about keeping a group together. Here today and gone tomorrow.

My intent is to keep Kjell in my life as long as he chooses to be. He fills my heart in a way that no one else can do.

If you are a musician — be it lyricist, composer or vocalist or some combination, this is the easiest and most pleasurable route for making music. It takes zero effort if it is the right path for you.
If you are a musician of any form, this SHOULD be the right path for you. I’ve lived many years and never seen anything so straightforward and happy in my life.