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Bonnie Nadine Newman USA - Kjell Karlsson Sweden Musical Collaborations


Visual impairment and cancer
Because of my severe visual impairment and cancer, I am limited in what I can do. In order to find a hobby, I decided to create and compose my own jam tracks for my music practice sessions.All my tracks are completely unique, and they are never copied from other artists or other songs. All my music and jam tracks on are composed and arranged by the chord in several different styles of music.

It is not my intention to copy
another person’s music, however if you discover that my music resembles someone else’s it may be because my music is built around similar styles and chords. I am sorry that the pages are not embellished, I am severely visually impaired and doing the best I can, I spend most of my energy on providing the top jam tracks for musicians to use in their next jam session.

When I am a member In STIM I have certain rules to follow when I post my own music on I do not link to any company. I do not offer download, I do not offer sales, I do everything on the web myself, all page is handmade in HTML5 server is VPS in country USA Texas. is for friends and acquaintances who wish to listen to my music. Bonnie Newman and I have a collaboration over the Internet. Bonnie has all the rights to her lyrics. Bonnie is a member of the US and BMI.

På Svenska STIM
Då jag är medlem I STIM har jag vissa regler att följa när jag lägger upp min egen musik på Jag länkar ej till något företag. Jag erbjuder inte nedladdning, jag erbjuder inte försäljning, jag gör allt på webben själv. är för vänner och bekanta som önskar lyssna på min musik. Bonnie Newman och jag har ett samarbete över Internet. Bonnie har alla rättigheter till sina texter. Bonnie är medlem i USA och BMI.